#‎GGlovinit‬, German lessons following neuroscientific principles i.o. to create an effective and sustainable learning process. All levels available, in private (one- to- one) or partner lessons (two-to- one) as well as group lessons, favourable on advanced level A2/ B1. We are located in Zurich, city centre. We are flexible towards your personal time and location preferences, in the office or at home. aschke, aschke.ch, ASCHKE, ‪#‎GGlovingit‬

Welcome to your personal German trainer!

We provide you with German lessons creating a learning process that will be individually tailored and filled with information specific to you.

First of all, realizing that we can facilitate our brain`s processes by breaking down a big picture into its main aspects and by pointing those out, is very important.

We use teaching in the form of Mind Maps, images and exercises, in which the understanding of the language`s structure as well as the practice and use of these principles is first priority.

Together, we will work out your motivations and convictions, the aspects you aim to learn and the best way for you to learn them.

From our experience, people find that these methods can usually be stretched onto a lot of other fields they would like to approach. This is the amazing thing about our brain: We might train one area more intensively than others but since they are all interconnected, you will profit in a lot of fields.

Finally, these processes should take place whenever you can fit it in your personal schedule. Practicing for short periods during your usual active times are an essential part of the learning process which can take place in a coffee break at work!

Most of all, it is about the enjoyment of learning how you want to.

We look forward to assist you succeeding in learning a new language!